"Artists are not usually comfortable on the frontlines of social activism and political action. The studio where the dynamic frustration of creation takes place is the more secure environment.  Driven by a heart-felt personal response to what she sees in our society, VL Cox has left the studio with the End Hate series and has taken her stand.”  
- Bill Worthen, Museum director and historian, 2016



“She wants to counter the bombardment of misinformation — from what she says is a new journalism that is motivated by profit, and goads, rather than informs, the viewer — with simple truth. "V.L. Cox’s ‘Murder of Crows’ tackles hate head-on," - Leslie Peacock, Arkansas Times, March 3, 2016



“Especially powerful: White Bread, one of Cox’s screen door creations showing a child in a Ku Klux Klan robe, a teddy bear in one hand. It tears at the heart as it reminds us, as Oscar Hammerstein II wrote in his song “Carefully Taught”  -  “You’ve got to be carefully taught to hate…” Cox read about an Arkansas KKK camp for children, which inspired the work.” "Exhibits pushed barriers in ’15" - Ellis Widner, Arkansas Democrat Gazette, January 3, 2016.



“And to make sure people saw the doors, she took them not only to the steps of the state Capitol (twice) but to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Recounting the stories of the people whose acquaintance she made there—notably, the former skinhead with swastikas on his forearms who’d given up a life of hate because he loved his transgender son—she says she’d come to realize the importance of standing up for what’s right, of making a difference and using her work to engender change and remind others they can stand up, too. Because, as she says, it just takes one person to stand.” "2015 Arkansan’s of the Year” - Jordan Hickey, Arkansas Life Magazine, December, 2015



“VL is one of those special spirits that once you invite them into your world nothing else is ever the same. Thankfully it is reflected so well in her art that it influences people without ever knowing her name.” "Artist Spotlight" - Greg Henderson, Rock City Life, April 8, 2015