Photo documentary 

"Images of the American South Exhibition"

THEA Foundation, 10-06-2010, Little Rock, Arkansas


Creation and development of screen door

"Colonial is Good Bread" in the

"Images of the American South" Series

3-D installation piece. Wheel axel attached to canvas frame. Handle moves up and down for pulling. "Represents the youthful escape of everyday life in a small rural town."


Mixed Media/Installation Piece - A tribute to Amelia Earhart. 1940's metal GE electronic toy record player with a 1950's metal toy plane attached, sitting on an antique pedestal.



A 6960 Sq. Ft. River Trail Fitness Mural designed and painted by V.L. Cox. Project was sponsored by the City of North Little Rock.

Holidays at The Governor's Mansion

© Chris H. Olsen 2013

"End Hate" Installation, Washington, D.C. 2015
(Video by Danielle Stescki)